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"I really appreciate Andréa's gentleness and acceptance which really helped me to open up so I was able to experience a real difference from our session together. I believe Andréa's skill helped create this positive shift, for I have rarely felt any positive change from any energetic or healing processes (including previous EFT sessions with others).  I wholeheartedly recommend Andréa for EFT. " ~Mark Hashizume


"Andréa, I can't thank you enough for the EFT session you did with me! Before we chatted, my anxiety was going through the roof. In fact, I even considered canceling our call since I was so stressed out. Thank goodness I didn't! Before our session, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety about going to visit some family. My chest was tight, I had butterflies in my stomach, and I had a hard time catching my breath. After our EFT session, I felt incredibly balanced and relaxed. Any time I thought about my stressful trip I just remembered that it would be fine and there was nothing to worry about. I was completely calm.

I want to thank you for being so professional and empathic during our session. I tend to think that I should be able to handle everything on my own, and I always feel a little silly asking for help. However, during our session I felt like you were truly a partner in helping lower my anxiety - there was no judgment and I felt completely safe in sharing what was going on for me. Thank you again - it meant so much and it helped me have fun during a weekend that I had previously been dreading!"

~ Julia Sarver, Eat Without Apology and

"Anyone who wants to try EFT should definitely schedule an appointment w/ Andréa. She's awesome! She keeps you focused and clear and doesn't "steer" your thoughts, but rather guides them toward a positive focus. She can 'pick out' or sense the core of your issue or concern..."

~ Michele H.

"As the mother of a very bright seven year old who is accustomed to things coming easy for her, watching my daughter struggle with frustration and want to give up when she attempted challenging activities was extremely painful. Every time we practiced piano, it ended in tears. We aspire to give her tools for success as she grows, and working with Andréa was a no-brainer. She was patient, and, most importantly, treated my daughter with respect. She really listened to her and empathized while also reassuring her as a professional. Within one session, my daughter released her anxiety, and we moved forward as a family. She now has no problem practicing piano or trying new things, including attending a new school this year. Thanks Andréa for lending expertise that really worked. I can't recommend her more highly. If you are considering Andréa as an EFT professional, don't hesitate!"

~ Jody Ross



"Hi Andréa. I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for doing such a great job on Friday. As you had previously advised, depending on the group it can go either way. I was very happy to see everyone in our group participate and have fun with it. You had much to do with their level of involvement, which helped make our day a success. If you ever have an employer considering a laughter session and they want to talk with an employer who has used you I'd be happy to talk with them and give you our thumbs up! THANK YOU ANDREA!"

~ Becky Hergert, Legal Administrator at Reinisch Mackenzie, P.C.

"Laughter is such good medicine! I was sold the first time I tried laughter yoga. It is so much fun and all those belly laughs really give the stomach a workout. The best natural high!"

~ Teri, Birthday Celebration

"I had the extreme pleasure of working with Andréa Crisp on two separate occasions introducing Laughter Yoga to our Flourish events for women. She is professional, very knowledgeable in her field, warm and caring about the health and well-being of her clients. Andréa was a great presenter and successfully guided groups of 20+ women through a beginning laughter yoga practice. She was so inspiring that several of those women took up the practice and went on to become certified leaders as well."

~Nancy Thompson, Global House Sitting Pros -Lifestyle Blogger, boomer travel, retiring on less, living with gusto in your second act

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"I liked the open and comfortable atmosphere and the idea of Primary Foods and how healing these parts of our lives can help with our food cravings."

~ Brad H.

"Andréa was my laughter coach for about 6 weeks. I gained a lot from the experience and was really impressed with her ability to adapt exercises to my needs. She is quite creative, empathetic, and professional."

~ Ruth P.

"Thank you for the Nourishment Menu! I love the ideas on the list. I've tried to make lists like this for myself at various points, but I never thought of using them instead of sugar, which is a cool twist on it. Also, many of the ideas on your list had not occurred to me."

~ M. S.

"Thank you so much for this opportunity to experience your work and try out a very unique style of coaching! Laughter feels like good medicine for me. Be confident that what you are offering is good for people and trust that your passion for it will make them more comfortable, too. :)"

~ K. A.