What is Matrix Reimprinting?


I finally took the Matrix Reimprinting training at the beginning of June. I dove right in with lots of trades with fellow practitioners. Now I am partly kicking myself for not doing this sooner! Except I know that it has all happened in perfect divine timing. I have fallen in love with Matrix Reimprinting as it brings all of my knowledge and passions together in a way that I might not have understood back in 2010/2011 when I was really beginning to focus on EFT.

Matrix allows for transformation in an empowering, gentle, and creatively playful way. The client, and especially the client’s younger self, is allowed to be in charge, creating exactly what they needed at the time of the event, but did not get.

And did I say that it is gentle? Meaning it is trauma informed and not retraumatizing. You do not need to rehash the gory details. You do not even need to remember the exact event or details. Playing in the Matrix or the Quantum Field allows the subconscious to be in control, in a safe way.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is a meridian tapping energy therapy created by EFT Master Karl Dawson that evolved from basic EFT. He was stuck in a session with a client and had exhausted his usual tools and trick, what resulted was transforming for the client and himself and became Matrix Reimprinting.

How does Matrix differ from EFT?

Although it evolved from EFT and even uses EFT tapping & points within its framework, it is distinct. Conventional EFT tapping takes the emotional intensity out of a past memory, but you are often left with the ability to recall stressful, even traumatic life memories without any emotional disruption or dysregulation. Which is amazing in and of itself!! However, you can be left with nothing to take its place. Practitioners refer to this as the EFT Void. Somewhat of a conundrum to me that I attempted to help clients fill with some of my basic coaching skills. Matrix heals the memory and replaces it with something good.

Matrix brings Correction AND Connection! The two things for which I am always looking!

In addition, it is easy to move from classic EFT to Matrix and back to EFT as needed within the framework of a session. They work well together and actually compliment each other. When dealing with a deep, core negative belief it is usually beneficial to address it with both.

Within the Matrix Reimprinting process, the memory is actually transformed. You can go into any past memory, say and do what you wished you’d said and done, bring in new resources, and create and transform the picture you have of that memory. Although this process may seem hokey to some, it literally rewires your neural pathways, your nervous system and your somatic sense of the past event. Your body and brain doesn’t know the difference. This makes room for your body to heal itself in life changing ways.

My trainer and mentor Alina Frank talks about this beautifully in an article she wrote titled “The Top 4 Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting.” Tapping with Matrix Reimprinting:

  • Engages the body

  • Calms the brain’s fear center

  • Includes play and creativity

  • Reveals spiritual lessons

In my own personal experiences with Matrix, I have been blown away by the things that my younger self asks for and creates in order to release negative core beliefs. Especially, because I am not especially visual. I am stronger on the auditory and kinesthetic. No matter, I am still able to get in touch with my younger self and she knows exactly what she needs to heal; whether that was a pink princess dress, with a glowing scepter and a stroller that looks like Cinderella’s carriage (event from when I was 22 months old) or to tell the Matrix Reimprinting practitioner that they were wrong & so was my grade school teacher and then request that an article be written about my accomplishments and appear as the #1 Google Search regardless of what people are searching for on the web (event from 5th grade)!!! Each time, whether I am the practitioner or the client, I am left in awe and often happy tears.

The younger, subconscious self knows exactly what it needs to heal even if it cannot verbalize exactly what happened.

Matrix is a simple and safe way to tap into this inner knowing for powerful results.

Interested in learning more?

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