Matrix Reimprinting

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I am very excited to announce that I’m finally taking Matrix Reimprinting training at the beginning of June, with Alina Frank & Dr. Craig Wiener, and adding this to my coaching tool box. It blends wonderfully with what I learn in my transpersonal counseling program from Clearmind International, which had a focus on Family Systems and experiential processes like re-enactments etc.

In Matrix Reimprinting memories are transformed while tapping. You can go into any past memory, working with your younger self, and say and do what you wished you would have said and done at the time, all the while tapping to keep yourself regulated and calm. This allows you to bring in new resources, create and transform the picture of the memory.

Transforming traumatic past memories can reduce your present day stress levels, help rewrite negative energies & neural pathways and allow your body to return to homeostasis and its natural state of healing and health.

Find out more information at the official Matrix Reimprinting FAQs page.