Certified EFT Practitioner - Complete!!

As of today I am officially an AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner!!!

This has been a long journey that I am ecstatic to complete! I am thankful that I persevered and had so much support and divine guidance along the way.


I first learned about EFT/Meridian Tapping in the fall of 2006 during one of my early weekends with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, back when it was live in NYC. I was flying there once a month for the entire school year for a weekend intensive. A fellow student, who was a mental health practitioner specializing in eating disorders, taught several of us about tapping in a little sleeping room at the Westside YMCA, across from Central Park. Picture barracks. It seriously was two twin beds with a miniature desk and one chair. By our next weekend class, there were around 30 people interested and so we all donated money to rent a conference room at the Y.

After that, I went to founder of EFT, Gary Craig’s original EmoFree website, downloaded his original free 87 page e-book, made my Personal Peace Procedure list and I dove into the practice of tapping.

During this time I was literally being bombarded with new information all of the time. My personal growth was in hyper drive, but also somewhat dictated by what I was learning in my Health Coaching program (which was called Holistic Health Counseling back then). I graduated in June of 2007, and left my corporate job within the month, in large part, because a buy-out had made my workplace unbearably toxic. I reported to 7 different people in less than a year.

The spring of 2008, I traveled to the northeast via Boston, my ultimate destination ClearPoint Retreat Center in the small town of Stafford Springs, CT for a Louise Hay Heal Your Life Workshop with my business coach. This was the very retreat center that hosted The Tapping Solutions Documentary film on EFT, which follows 10 people through a transformative weekend of intensive tapping around their various core issues. It had just been released under its original title “Try It On Everything.” I spoke at length with retreat center owners Steve and Shannon about tapping and the documentary, purchasing a copy.

Again I was getting the nudge towards meridian tapping, but wasn’t totally listening.

Fast forward to 2009, I was seeing clients several days a week at Awakenings Wellness Center. I had discovered Laughter Yoga and was running my first club. And I finally had the confidence to bring EFT to a health coaching session, helping a client successfully stop smoking. It was a life changing moment.

I thought, “Why on earth am I not using EFT with all of my clients?” I decided I needed and wanted to learn more.

I purchased all of Gary Craig’s training DVDs in preparation to take his online certification. This was many DVDs with hours upon hours of video to watch. Unfortunately, he announced retirement soon after, so I put aside hopes of certification for the moment.

Then in 2010, I begin having serious neurological problems, including optic neuritis. I lost sight in my right eye for more than 6 weeks. Luckily, it was temporary and the lasting effects are not noticeable on a daily basis, but my other symptoms continued for much longer. Fatigue 24/7, heat intolerance with exercise and even showering with hot water, random numbness, tingling, pain and other neurological sensations that always got worse at night, plus intense restless leg syndrome and insomnia that was off the hook.

At this point, I knew from my experience and that of my late husband Jeff that I needed to address this not only physically through diet etc. but that I also needed to look at the emotional and spiritual side of things in my life. EFT was one of the tools.

Within a short time, there was an offer of an afternoon EFT workshop at New Renaissance, our local metaphysical bookstore. I signed up. As providence would have it, Alina Frank was the workshop leader and I ended up being the client tapping with her in front of the group. After the workshop, I shared more about my journey, about missing out on Gary’s certification before he retired and mentioned that I was waiting to see what else might come out of the woodwork from the Master Trainers and online tapping community. She went on to tell me that she was actually involved with EFT Universe, a new organization that had been formed after Gary's retirement, and would be leading the first training in the Spring of 2011.

With that, I attended Alina’s first training through EFT Universe in the SeaTac area and began the road to certification. Eventually, I took a second required workshop through Dawson Church. During all of this time I was trying to manage the new reality of my health issues while still seeing clients, running a laughter club, managing a life and marriage... But I was keeping my health issues secret.

In 2012, a lot happened that eventually lead me to sharing my health problems with more than my tight inner circle, but also away from pursuing my EFT Certification, even though I was doing well. I had two EFT Meetups, one for local tapping practitioners and one Borrowing Benefits circle open to the public. I had attended two in person, all day tapping practicums and meet most of the requirements except for the final exam and one case study.

During this time I suffered a major bout of depression, which I eventually learned was partially due to Seasonal Affective Disorder and partly due to feeling isolated and alone despite having a loving marriage and friends. I ended up in counseling and eventually found Clearmind International, which again changed my life and began a new leg of personal growth. During this same time, I also figured out that chronic Lyme, not MS, was part of my health problem and began making arrangements to start natural treatment under supervision of my Naturopath. Which is a journey all itself! For this reason, even though I was so close to completion I could taste it, my EFT certification was set to the side.

Although it was still a tool that I dearly loved, Spirit was calling me elsewhere.

Fast forward to this past year, I had successfully treated Lyme (meaning I am  no longer having neurological symptoms) and I had completed an intense 3 year transpersonal psychology counseling program with Clearmind, I was finally ready to finish my EFT certification. In the meantime, the EFT community has continued to grow. Founder Gary Craig came out of retirement, other organizations been created or have grown and my EFT teacher and mentor, Alina, is now training with her husband Craig Wiener D.C. through their business The EFT Tapping Training Institute. Together they are some of the top EFT trainers  and mentors in the world.

When I approached Alina about finally completing my certification, and finding out if it was even possible without starting over, I was given the option to complete with EFT Universe or The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques, also known as AAMET International. After researching AAMET, with whom I was not that familiar, simply because they started in the UK before going international, I decided to switch to AAMET.


After completing a spiritual based counseling program, even though it was in British Columbia and I am therefore not licensed in the state of Oregon, I have grown to appreciate the importance of ethics guidelines, supervision and continuing education requirements. I am very thankful to Dawson Church and EFT Universe for the role they have played in my EFT journey and the larger EFT Community. They house one of the best online resources for EFT case studies and Dawson is behind the Veterans Stress Project, which offers 6 free EFT sessions to veterans, and the push to prove the power of EFT with scientific studies. Yet AAMET feels more like home.

Obtaining certification today is the culmination of years of personal growth work, both with tapping and other means, and a beautiful end to what was personally a very difficult week. I couldn’t be more proud. I have grown and learned so much about myself. I know that I do not have to do everything alone. I am proud of my determination and discipline and my ability to hold space with big emotions in clients and myself. My power to manifest, whether “good” or “bad” is crystal clear. As is the power and importance of faith, in myself and Spirit; knowing when to let go, when to move ahead. There is so much I can reflect upon, but for now, celebration!