2nd Annual Laughter Retreat

This past weekend the Hawthorne Laughter Club held its second retreat, this time in Seaside, OR. One of our local leaders has graciously given his timeshare to the group for a weekend get-a-way. I hesitate to call it a retreat, because some people thought it was planned out more like a workshop, with specific activities required, with a schedule and agenda. But the agenda really was true to the definition of retreat.

re.treat : a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.

There was no real agenda, just an opportunity to get away with our little laughter community and spend more time together. By consensus we ended up making dinner in both Friday and Saturday evenings. Yum-yum! We have some vegans, some carnivores/paleo, but lots of love for sharing good food and veggies.

People walked on the beach in the morning if they wanted. During the rainy Saturday afternoon we all watch “What About Bob”. We played games, lots of games! Called into the Skype laughter line on Saturday evening and overall relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed each others company.

Our first annual laughter retreat, only 5 attended. We went to Eagle Crest in Central Oregon. Hiked around Smith Rock, played on the putting green, called into the Skype USA Laughter Club line each night. This year we were at the Worldmark Seaside Resort, right on the ocean and we had TEN. Double. I guess word got out what a fun and relaxing time we had!

This year we did have one full laughter session Sunday morning, be request, before heading out and Steve preplanned a Show & Tell time. It was a lot of fun to learn even more about each other.

A lot of folks threw in games or props or supplies on the off chance we had time to fit it in. I did this as well and ended up leading a mini laughter session using hand mirrors, gazing into our own eyes and finishing up with positive affirmations. Everyone loved it!

I don’t know if we will have such an opportunity again, but this weekend was a fun bonding experience full of laughter, art, sun and sand, despite it being November on the Oregon Coast. I continue to be thankful for our laughter community.