iTOVi Scan Nails It Again!

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My entire life I’ve been clumsy. In the last few years, I have hurt myself numerous times. Once pretty seriously when I fell on stairs that weren’t there and severely injured my low back and hip. However, I have also hit my head various times since then, sprained an ankle and more. So for several months, I have been focusing on the energetic side of this. Working on grounding and centering; being more in my body.

Alongside, I have been doing physical therapy, specifically Myofascial Release Technique, with my friend Amanda Keegan at Lotus Root Physical Therapy. I am having amazing results after two years of only getting so far with my insurance and the assigned back extensions from the McKenzie Method. It may have helped heal a bulged disc somewhat in the beginning, but I was still unable to sit for long without pain and nerve referral down my leg. This had been going on for 2 years!! A few sessions of MFR fixed that!

I am still working on healing other aspects of my fascia from my fall, but needless to say, I have been focusing a lot on what I can do to stop being so accident prone. The number one goal is to get better at being grounded and in my body. So how does this relate to iTOVi and the oils? Oils are a great tool for helping with this, and my scans keeps showing Patchouli near the top!

Patchouli is known as the Oil of Physicality. It supports you to be fully in your body. It supports connecting your Spirit and your Body. I have also gotten Veitver once, which is the Oil of Centering. (Seriously! This is why I love my scanner.)

If an oil pops up and I am not sure why, meaning it doesn’t match something I already know is going on physically or emotionally, I look it up in the Emotions and Essential Oils book and it always fits what is going on with me emotionally.

I have had a scanner now, of various types, for years. First, I had a Zyto Scanner (which I loved!), but when the iTOVi came out with something that worked with a mobile device versus a computer I didn’t blink. I got in on the first wave of orders. Now, after several years, they have released a new hand-held scanner. It is more user friendly when it comes to syncing (Yay!) and has a beautiful sleek design that makes it easier to get skin contact. Including a spot on the end for your thumb.

The scanner uses Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology to measure the changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin to stimuli. (You can learn more here.) The scanner then identifies these changes and ranks products in order by the strongest responses. Each time new products are released their electronic signatures are added to the database. The software stores all previous scans on your account - for yourself and anyone else (family, friends, customers).

Although I have always gotten good results from the moment I first used dōTERRA essential oils, having a scanner took it to another level. My personal experience has been that the device always nails exactly where I am emotionally and physically. Particularly on the emotional/spiritual side of things.

So my journey to ground and center continues! I have also taken up Kundalini Yoga Meditation and I plan to continue using Patchouli, the oils and my iTOVi Scanner to assist me along the way.
Now that I have an iTOVi Scanner, it is SO much easier to pick exactly what essential oils I need to support my health and wellness! I simply scan myself by holding this little gem in my hand and run the program on my phone! If you are interested in learning more about doTERRA essential oils or getting a scan please contact me. If you would like to purchase your own scanner, iTOVI is about to have a HUGE Sale for Black Friday. I’d be tickled if you use my referral link.