What is Emotional Freedom Technieques?

EFT with Andréa

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Emotional Freedom Techniques or Meridian Tapping is a powerful self-healing tool that utilizes gentle tapping on specific points to clear energetic blocks. It is often referred to as emotional acupressure.

I love EFT. It is a simple, empowering and practical tool for removing "stuckness." It is great for relieving stress and regulating your nervous system and energetic system. Plus, once you’ve learned how to really do it, you can use this skill FOR LIFE. This makes it the ultimate self-help tool!

You can tap on your own, but working with a practitioner often yields quicker results. Being witnessed in your struggle is powerful, plus the objectivity provided by another person can often shed light on your struggle in a new way. This change in perspective can lead to miracles.

My introductory package is five sessions. I believe that it takes a bit of time to develop the rapport necessary to dig deep and thoroughly clear an issue. Every once-in-awhile one session is enough. We call these one-minute-miracles! More often people need multiple sessions to adequately address all aspects of the original presenting issue. You have most likely had this concern for a while; maybe even your entire life. It may take time to address, but once you have completed the initial sessions you should see movement towards your goal. We can work together session by session after the initial package if and as needed. Or you can purchase an additional package.  You will be in control of any additional sessions. You can also return at anytime in the future for a tune-up or another session on a completely different concern.

If you are interested in working with me and giving EFT a try, please contact me right away for a free 20 minute consultation to ensure we are a good match.  Then we can begin your five sessions. I work with clients via phone, Zoom or Skype. Contact me today!

5 Session Package - Includes an initial 90 minute session and four 60 minute sessions. Plus everyone receives a free 20 minute consultation. $350

I am an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner with AAMET (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques). My training and mentorship was with Alina Frank and the EFT Tapping Training Institute which involves attending Level 1 and Level 2 workshops, 50 client sessions, case studies, personal EFT work, reading books and scientific studies, completing a course on trauma and a final exam. I have also had Level 1/2 with Dawson Church.

In addition, I completed a 3 year transpersonal counseling certification with Clearmind International Institute. During my coaching career, I've worked with well beyond 50 people on a variety of issues. Besides my previous experience with health & laughter coaching and over 500 hours for my recent counseling program, I have been using EFT with myself since 2006 and clients since 2009. 

Schedule your free 20 minute consult today. I look forward to working with you!


* Statements here have not been approved by the FDA. I am not a licensed medical practitioner. None of the suggestions given on this website or offline by Andrea L. Crisp are intended to diagnose or treat. My intention is to help you remove energetic blocks to allow your body to heal itself. Please consult your physician before starting any new lifestyle, nutrition or supplement routine.