Joyful, Creative Connection begins with you

I help clients craft the lifestyle, self-care, and habits necessary to live the life they desire


I help women in transition move through change with less stress and more joy & ease. I refer to my work as Alignment Coaching. It is my goal to help those in transition live more holistic, mindful & authentic lives by helping them align their daily lifestyle (habits, self-care) with their values, journey or path - Their highest calling. When you make the decision to live your soul's purpose you may begin to realize that some things need to change. Maybe you need to clean up your diet or finally buckle down and meditate or journal everyday. You might need to do some more drastic things to get in alignment like end unhealthy relationships; stand up for yourself. Or maybe life has thrust you smack in the middle of BIG changes. Life transitions of birth, death, loss, family, career &/or deep soul searching.

Self-love and self-care become more than a nicety. You realize they are a necessity.

I believe that you have the answers you seek. Exercising the right to choose is an often neglected, yet powerful gift. By recognizing the power in this gift and choosing to cultivate intention and gratitude we can each build a joyful life which we absolutely love.

Some of my basic assumptions are that we all have the gift of choice and can choose the meaning we assign to the circumstances and stories of our lives. Most of us, including myself, have simply learned from our culture and families to focus on the negative. A tiny dose of awareness and one step forward can change your momentum and make all of the difference. I believe that we are not alone in our struggles even when we think we are; that healing is found in connection. And finally, I believe we are here to teach what we most need to learn. By reminding others of these truths we can also remind ourselves. One reason I LOVE connecting with clients is that by doing this work I remind myself of the things I can so often and so easily forget.

The important thing is this:
To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are, for what we could become.  
— Charles Dubois

Therapeutically, I have a foundation in Family Systems. My approach is client-centered, process-oriented and experiential in nature.  Although the main tool I use in coaching is Emotional Freedom Techniques (meridian tapping), I am informed by numerous tools and modalities including holistic health and laughter coaching, Laughter Yoga and the tenets of Positive Psychology (such as focusing on your strengths and gratitude).  I am extremely interested in the benefits of play and lightheartedness. At the same time, I do not use these as a way to avoid what is, but rather mindfully, to gain perspective and movement once you have recognized your feelings and "stuckness."

All of my work is overlaid by a transpersonal or spiritual perspective and the belief that we are all connected & in this together through our human experience. I value understanding and connection. I bring a curious, intuitive approach and although my goal is to be gentle, I can easily hold safe space for big emotions if they should arise. I believe that feelings are not good or bad, they just are and when we hold back on one emotion it affects our ability to experience all of our emotions.

I am full of love and compassion peppered with a healthy dose of silliness. Personally, I draw from a wealth of experience with overwhelm, despair, illness and loss, as such I am especially interested in grief & transition work. My true passion is to assist you in learning ways to come back to yourself. I believe we are experts in what we need if given the time, tools and the space to explore.

Everything you now do is something you have chosen to do. Some people don’t want to believe that. But if you’re over age twenty-one, your life is what you’re making of it. To change your life, you need to change your priorities.
— John C. Maxwell

Getting into the body is a big part of my personal journey and thus my work. I am also eclectic, so I may intuitively call on many tools to help you along your soul's journey, something I refer to as Remembering Self, such as: holistic health coaching, laughter, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or tapping), a transpersonal approach (I am personally drawn to A Course in Miracles and Conversations with God), Family Systems Theory, essential oils, breathing exercises, some of the tools and scientific findings from the field of positive psychology like the practice of gratitude, and the practice of deep soul writing. Of course, at any time we will only go were you agree to go. I believe that incorporating mindfulness, gratitude and laughter, along with learning to listen to your body & adapting an over all healthy lifestyle, one can begin to develop more awareness of the power in our every day choices. Then we can fulfill our soul's purpose beyond our wildest imaginings.

When this unfolds, the previously mundane can become extraordinary!

You slowly begin to realize that you can choose to develop new habits, you can make choices that nourish rather than deplete, you can choose your reaction (laughter vs. anger, love vs. fear) OR you can choose to remain on auto-pilot and live the same story over and over again, day in and day out.

The choice is yours.

I can be your personal advocate, your cheerleader towards living a more balanced and mindful life. One that lights you on fire! One free from the huge blocks that inhibit your soul growth. Whatever your concerns are, my passion is to help you remove your blocks so you can find the self-care and lifestyle choices which work best for you and the life you desire - the path YOU choose. Diving in deep during times of transition is often just the thing our soul’s need us to do so we can make it to the other side transformed - Remembering our true self. My goal as an Alignment Coach is to help clients tap their inner strength to live their best life by focusing on extreme self-love and creative flow, finding joy in everyday living.

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