Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) Training Starter Kit

My Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training - April 2008, Harbin Hot Springs, CA

My Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training - April 2008, Harbin Hot Springs, CA

Pre-Training Starter Kit or HomePLAY or PrePLAY (vs homework)

On this page you will find all of the information that you need to properly prepare for your Laughter Yoga Leader training weekend. Although Laughter Yoga is fun, becoming a leader is also serious business. You are expected to do some pre-play or playwork (versus homework) before you arrive! Please come prepared by:

  1. Reading both the official CLYL manual and my companion manual (newly updated version as of March 2018!)

  2. Please study pages 16 & page 31 in the official CLYL Manual - this covers the 5 Points, 3 Reasons and 5 Benefits of Laughter Yoga. You will need to know this information to introduce LY to others. Begin working on an elevator speech* about Laughter Yoga using this information prior to our weekend together. We will practice doing intros on Saturday and Sunday of the training. For those who are visual & auditory learners, you can watch brief videos of our founder, Dr. Kataria giving the 5 points, 3 Reasons, & 5 Benefits of Laugher Yoga on YouTube. These three videos are optional.

  3. Watch my private YouTube videos & recordings that cover the some of the basics - a total of ~2 hours (see links below)

  4. Watch 2 short Laughter Yoga related YouTube videos - just under 18 minutes (see links below)

The manuals are fairly easy reading and the videos can easily be tackled in chunks. The purpose of doing all of this ahead of time is to give you a solid foundation around laughter prior to the in-person training. This allows us to focus on laughing & learning how to actually lead during the in-person training. Leader training is lively, but we are required to pack a lot of learning & laughing into one weekend. Coming prepared will make for a smooth & enjoyable weekend.

Andrea's Intro Videos & Audios

Please click here to be taken to Google Drive in order to download all 5 audio files for a total of around 2 hours. Once on Google Drive > Right Click on the title "CLYL Training Audios" > select Download from the options to save a Zipped file of all 5 audio files.  Once on your computer you will need to Extract the audio files. All five files have Metadata that should put them in order 1-5 the way they are intended to be heard. Please note -  The initial audio is simply extracted from my Intro Video. You may click on the link below for my YouTube video introduction if you prefer to see a video. I simply extracted audio from this video file. You can watch the video or listen to the audio, your choice. The remaining four files from me are audio. The history section is cut into two parts, because I rerecorded Part 2 to bring you the most current information.

  • Intro to Andréa & Portland Laughter Yoga17 Minutes I offer an introduction to myself and Portland Laughter Yoga. I have a new (3/2018) YouTube video. Or an MP3 audio.

  • What Laughter Really Is11 Minutes MP3 Audio File

  • The History of Therapeutic Laughter Each 20 Minutes Two MP3 Audio Files, Part 1 and Part 2

  • The Benefits and Contraindications of Hearty Laughter 50 Minutes MP3 Audio File


YouTube Laughter Videos

Please watch this video that covers all of the 40 Foundation Exercises in just under 8 minutes! These are the original Laughter Exercises created by the first few clubs in India. Being introduced to these is a requirement of the training. We will do many during the weekend, but prior knowledge is helpful and Robert Rivest, CLYT is extremely talented. After watching you will not be surprised to hear that he is also a professional mime.

The second video is a 9 minute video titled Gibberish 101 created by Jeffrey Briar and members of the Laguna Laughter Club, in Laguna Beach, CA. This is the longest running, daily laughter club in the US.


* A brief statement to explain something to someone while in an elevator together. Usually around 30 seconds.