The 21 Day PLAYcation: FUN-damentally Wonder-filled, Play-FULL Opportunities

The idea for this PLAYcation came to me during a laughter meditation, but springs from a deep need for more play and creativity in my life. I have been leading & teaching Laughter Yoga since 2008. I thoroughly enjoy it. I have learned so much about myself, but undercurrents have been rumbling. I sometimes get taken-aback by how much I can still get in rigid patterns of fear and mundane thinking if I don’t pay attention. Especially, in the damp, dark winters of the NW. As much as I say I love to laugh or do other fun things like walk in nature, dance or art I don’t do it nearly enough to feed my soul. When I do make time for dance or art I still have tons of fear come up and can easily sabotage it. My guess is I am not alone in this! What better way to dive in than to invite others along on the journey with me?

My plan is to spend 21 days, beginning January 10, 2016, doing at least 15 minutes of something playFULL and/or creative. My PLAYbook will include experimenting with different types of play and creativity. I want to push my comfort zone. It will include things that I can do by myself and in connection with others, plus planned activities and events and hopefully some opportunities for spontaneity. As your guide, I will share my ideas, thoughts and experiences. There will be videos from me, a set of daily questions to spur action and reflection, as well as a collection of quotes and a few interviews with others on the subject. Although I have a PLAYbook that I will follow and goals for what I hope to achieve, since this is all about play and creativity you can do what makes sense to you within the framework. I, in no way, want to squash your creativity! In fact, I am hoping we all spark our innate gifts to create and problem solve in our own unique ways, blasting through fear along the way. Thank you for joining me!